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you are alive

Life is weird

Posted on 2013.11.24 at 21:58
Yesterday afternoon I was judging a mock trial competition for Lewis & Clark. Tonight I'm at a metal concert. One guess which feels like a better use of time...

choke a bitch

Republican hypocrisy at its finest

Posted on 2013.11.21 at 01:02
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I represented Florida's 19th District, but then I got high
I tried to make welfare rules a lot more strict, but then I got high
Now I'm on a leave of absence, and I know why (why man?)
Because I got high, because I got high, because I got high

deuteronomy 28:45

First time for everythMMMMMMMFF

Posted on 2013.11.19 at 17:06
I didn't know it was actually possible to accidentally bite your tongue so hard that it bleeds.

Like, a lot.

I hope I can still talk.

he did not remember his crime

Remember, remember

Posted on 2013.11.07 at 14:17
I totally forgot the Fifth of November.

(Until I was at Ground Kontrol and saw a dude in a Guy Fawkes mask playing Rock Band. I just assumed he was a /b/tard.)

She: Someone has written The Autobiography of Death

Me: ... wouldn't that be, Death?

(Oddly, I can't actually find a book called 'The Autobiography of Death' anywhere.)


If it's on the internet, it must be credible

Posted on 2013.10.11 at 23:55
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The new firm's website is mostly up and running. My decision to use smaller images interspersed on the page, rather than a single large image at the top of each page, seems to make it a lot harder to make the pages seem neat and finished. And we haven't yet begin filming videos, but that's more Karen's idea and her thing. But it seems not bad. I hope to keep improving it as I learn more, but changes are slow, painstaking and laborious.



Posted on 2013.10.03 at 17:50
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Karen won her case before the Oregon Supreme Court.


Alumni networking events

Posted on 2013.09.19 at 00:02
Tonight after I got out of work, around 8:00, I went shopping at a crafts store in SE Portland. As I was walking towards the door, I saw three young people leaving, who I knew were Reedies. I'd never met them before, but it was obvious - for one thing, one of them was wearing a Reed sweatshirt. But even without that, I would have been able to tell. There's something about Reed students, and often alums, some subtle affect of body language and the way of self-presentation and looking at the world, that makes them immediately identifiable to each other.

Some of them, anyway. I wanted to wave, but held back. I don't think they saw me; and if they had, they probably wouldn't have identified me as one of their own. Because, of course, I'm old, and was wearing a suit. If I were presented to them - even if they learned a bit about me - they'd probably identify me as having more in common with their new, rather-disliked attorney college President than with themselves. And they might be right. They might have been right about that even when I was a Reed student.

I have a new niece today - yesterday, technically. Alyssa Nicole was born on August 25th at 6:25 pm, weighing 6 lb 12 oz. Mother and child are apparently well. No other information is currently available. I'm asked to go down to see them, but I don't know when I can this week.

At the same time, it seems one of my own uncles is in a hospital, in a coma, back in Detroit. My father's afraid he'll have to fly back for a funeral any day. Everything's happening at once.

I got my photo taken with Amanda Palmer and some other people at Powell's today and it's on the internet

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