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theotherjay's journal

7 December 1979
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"Our mental life is a noisy parliament of competing factions. In dealing with others, we assume that they are as complicated as we are, and we guess what they are guessing we are guessing they are guessing. Children defy their parents from birth, and confound all expectations thereafter: one overcomes horrific circumstances to lead a satisfying life, another is granted every comfort but grows up a rebel without a cause. A modern state loosens its grip, and its peoples enthusiastically take up the vendettas of their grandparents..."
-- Steven Pinker, How the Mind Works

Me: Boy. Lawyer. Geek. Portlander. Bicyclist. Progressive, but pragmatic, political activist. Humanist, atheist, secularist. Actor in high school, research technician in college, volunteer in law school, small business owner now. Kind, sarcastic, humble, elitist, bold, shy, experienced, naive, moral, deeply flawed. Contrary in general. I want to help. I want to be loved. I want to save the world.

I'm a fool and a sinner, but I'll fight for you.

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