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Alumni networking events

Posted on 2013.09.19 at 00:02
Tonight after I got out of work, around 8:00, I went shopping at a crafts store in SE Portland. As I was walking towards the door, I saw three young people leaving, who I knew were Reedies. I'd never met them before, but it was obvious - for one thing, one of them was wearing a Reed sweatshirt. But even without that, I would have been able to tell. There's something about Reed students, and often alums, some subtle affect of body language and the way of self-presentation and looking at the world, that makes them immediately identifiable to each other.

Some of them, anyway. I wanted to wave, but held back. I don't think they saw me; and if they had, they probably wouldn't have identified me as one of their own. Because, of course, I'm old, and was wearing a suit. If I were presented to them - even if they learned a bit about me - they'd probably identify me as having more in common with their new, rather-disliked attorney college President than with themselves. And they might be right. They might have been right about that even when I was a Reed student.

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